Alvarium: IOTA and Dell present verification technology for IoT data sources

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The IOTA Foundation and the IT group Dell have developed a verification technology for data sources under the code name Alvarium.

The IOTA Foundation with the IT companies Dell and Intel has announced the demonstration of a verification technology for data from IoT devices, according to an IOTA blog post on February 11th.

Verification layer that can be integrated

The test run of Projekt Alvarium is intended to demonstrate how data provided by IoT devices can be automatically verified. The project is based on the “Data Confidence Fabric” originally developed by Dell, the functionality of which was later implemented from scratch with IOTA’s Streams Framework.

The technology used in Project Alvarium can be flexibly integrated as an intermediate level in IoT networks and is not directly related to IOTA’s own Tangle network.

IOTA will present the technology together with Dell and Intel in a webinar on February 24th. By collaborating with leading IT companies, IOTA hopes to play an important role in the rapidly growing IoT industry in the future.

Commitment to global IoT standards

IOTA’s broad commitment to IoT technology is also reflected in the Foundation’s participation in the Object Management Group (OMG), a consortium for the development of IT standards. As IOTA announced at the beginning of February , it is planning to introduce two standards for the Internet of Things this year in order to later establish them as global industry standards.