In the world of blockchain and crypto especially, an important device that has been with us for several years now are Bitcoin ATMs, ATMs that allow you to buy and sell BTC and more.

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Obviously there are several manufacturers that trade these devices, which often have different functions since there are single option models that allow you to buy only crypto and other models that also allow you to sell the same, the so-called “two-way”.

But which are the most popular manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin and crypto ATM

To answer this question we will use some platforms to identify both the manufacturers and the countries with more Bitcoin ATMs, so we can have an objective picture of the quality of the products and the manufacturers of these devices.

Let’s start first with Lamassu, one of the first companies to provide crypto ATMs with the two-way option and thus allow its customers to sell and buy their crypto. The basic model costs €3700 and all over the world this company can boast 569 installations of which 2 in Italy, to be precise in Pisa and Udine.

One of the best known circuits in America is without a doubt CoinSource, with devices that allow you to buy crypto but also devices that allow you to sell them.

Only last year CoinSource ATMs have also opened to stablecoins and so now you can buy DAI too. These ATMs are 889 located all over the US.

With 1304 crypto ATMs worldwide we find instead BitAccess, a company founded in 2013 in Ottawa, Canada. In 2014, the first ATM was launched. This company not only provides these devices but also produces them and therefore has control over the entire production chain.

One instead of the crypto ATMs that a little bit everyone will have seen are the ones produced by General Bytes that offers the possibility to customize the ATM and has a lot of features. They are present in almost every country in the world, and in fact we count as many as 3754 devices.

Finally, one of the largest manufacturers is certainly Genesis Coin, which boasts 4818 devices, mainly in the U.S., but we also find them scattered in other parts of the world such as China and the Philippines.

This company offers 3 different models: the Genesis1 from $14,500 that is a two-way, the Satoshi1 from 7380 of which you can choose the type of version, and finally the Finney3 model from 4500 dollars that is dedicated to white label and then sold with the name of the company that decides to expand in this area.

These are just some of the over 40 producers of crypto ATM, and in the world now there are over 13 thousand crypto ATM, not to mention the various services that allow you to buy with cash crypto of various kinds for a total of over 274 thousand services worldwide.

In Italy instead the best known Bitcoin ATM is Chainblock with 12 ATMs.