Miner Holds Bitcoin for 13 Years, Makes 5 Billion% Profit


  • A miner who produced 150 BTC in 2009 sold their stash for $6.5 million last year, yielding an extraordinary 5,000,000,000% profit.
  • The miner entered the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2009 by mining 150 BTC which were only worth a mere $0.13 at that time.
  • The investment could have been even more profitable had the miner sold their holdings during the 2021 bull run when BTC rose to an all-time high of nearly $70K.

Miner’s Story

In April 2020, a mysterious Bitcoin miner made headlines after selling a stash of coins they mined in November 2009 for an impressive $6.5 million. Ki Young Ju – CEO of crypto data analysis platform CryptoQuant – took it to Twitter to reveal how this individual had profited millions by holding onto their Bitcoin possession for 13 years. The total profit was 5,000,000,000%, which could have been even greater should they have sold during the 2021 bull run when BTC reached its all-time high of almost $70K.

Early Days Mining

The individual first entered the cryptocurrency ecosystem in its early days and mined 150 BTC worth only a mere $0.13 at that time. They then held on to their coin for 13 years until April 2021 before finally cashing out and generating a staggering 5 billion% return on investment.

2021 Bull Run

It is worth mentioning that if the miner had sold their holdings during the 2021 bull run when Bitcoin spiked to almost $70K they would have generated more remarkable profits than what they did by selling at $43K last year.


This story serves as an inspiration and reminder that patience can indeed be rewarding in cryptocurrency trading or investing – especially with volatile assets such as Bitcoin – where returns can be astronomical if one manages to hold until the right moment comes along!