Robert F. Kennedy to Back US Dollar With Bitcoin If Elected

• Robert F. Kennedy, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic party, plans to back America’s official currency with Bitcoin and precious metals if elected.
• The 69-year-old environmental lawyer has positioned Bitcoin at the center of his presidential campaign and has vowed to strengthen the American dollar.
• Kennedy’s plan involves backing US treasury bills, notes, and bonds with 1% of issued T-bills with bitcoin or other finite assets.

Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Promises To Back US Dollar With Bitcoin

Robert F. Kennedy, a 69-year-old environmental lawyer from the Democratic party and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, has presented himself as one of the most passionate advocates for bitcoin and positioned it at the center of his presidential campaign. He is now vowing to strengthen America’s official currency by backing it with bitcoin and other precious metals should he be elected as the 47th President of the United States.

Kennedy’s Plan To Strengthen The US Dollar

Kennedy’s plan involves backing US treasury bills, notes, and bonds with 1% of issued T-bills with bitcoin or other finite assets like gold, silver, or platinum in order to guarantee strength for America’s currency in becoming a successful world reserve currency. He believes that this move will ensure success for America’s money in future times ahead.

Finance Experts Advise On Investing In Cryptocurrency And Precious Metals

Several finance experts have predicted a gloomy future for the dollar and are advising consumers to invest their money in cryptocurrency or precious metals instead as an alternate way of investing their funds safely over time. This is why Robert F. Kennedy has decided to take matters into his own hands if he is elected president by implementing this plan involving Bitcoin so that Americans can feel secure investing their money into crypto or precious metals without having any doubts about its safety in years ahead.

Moving Ahead Carefully At First

Kennedy understands that making such a big change could potentially cause some disruption within financial markets so he plans on taking caution when making these changes by starting small – perhaps 1% – before heading further into deeper waters down the line if all goes well with this experiment initially proposed by him during his campaign run for presidency later this year..


In conclusion, Robert F Kennedy is determined to make sure that Americans have a safe haven where they can store their money without worrying about any potential risks involved should he become president later this year through his plan involving bitcoin which would help support America’s official currency in years ahead thanks to its backing from certain finite assets like gold/silver/platinum as well as cryptocurrency itself..