This Whale Accumulates $4M UNI Tokens After Uniswap’s V4 Release

• Wintermute Trading has acquired 878,336 UNI tokens worth $3.7 million after Uniswap Labs released its fourth iteration – V4 draft code.
• The total stack of UNI tokens held by Wintermute is around 886,269 and is equal to almost $4 million.
• Uniswap V4 is expected to allow users to customize liquidity pools and introduce features such as on-chain limit orders, automated compounding of LP rewards, dynamic fees and “hooks” (customizable smart contract plugins).

Wintermute Acquires UNI Tokens

Wintermute Trading has ramped up its UNI token stack by purchasing 878,336 tokens from various centralized exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and OKX, among others. This comes just a day after Uniswap Labs released the draft code for its fourth iteration – V4. The current stash of UNI tokens held by Wintermute is worth nearly $3.7 million at press time price with the total stack amounting to 886,269 which equals approximately $4 million.

Uniswap’s Upcoming Features

Uniswap’s upgrade in V4 will enable users to customize liquidity pools so that they can selectively utilize the protocol’s technical capabilities which would help retain fees associated with simpler transactions low. It also includes features such as on-chain limit orders, automated compounding of liquidity provider (LP) rewards, dynamic fees and “hooks” which are customizable smart contract “plugins” allowing users to decide how swaps, pools, fees and LP positions execute and interact with each other.

Bullish Outlook Ahead Of Launch

The move by Wintermute suggests a bullish outlook ahead of the launch for Uniswap V4’s much anticipated launch which could see an increase in demand for the token leading to higher prices. This could potentially be beneficial for existing holders of UNI if it drives more people towards using the platform due to enhanced usability options available through their customized liquidity pools or other features mentioned above.

UNI Token Price Performance

The UNI token price has seen a rise since 2021 when it was first listed on Coinbase Pro at $8 per coin and currently trades at around $20 per coin at press time prices representationg an increase in value of over 150%. Moreover experts are predicting that this number could continue rising given increasing usage figures as well as recent developments related to Uniswaps latest version release leading some analysts to suggest that there might be potential gains ahead for investors who have already made their entry into the coin or those who may make their entry soon depending upon market conditions prevailing at that time.


In conclusion it can be said that while many tokens might have seen significant drops in price due to bearish market conditions or regulatory pressures etc., UNIs token has seen consistent growth over time due its high user base largely owing its success story too continually evolving product offering from Uniswap itself enabling more people across different markets worldwide access financial services provided by decentralized exchanges like theirs without having any major hurdles being faced while doing so thereby driving more adoption rates ultimately leading higher prices for UNIs native token -UNI